How has Covid-19 changed global e-commerce world

Covid-19 has been negative as well as positive at the same time for the business. All businesses have now stopped their marketing due to Covid-19 situation. Many people have been suffered due to Covid-19 and are still suffering. The situation is changing rapidly as the majority of individuals deemed safe to gather a single place has dwindled from thousands to hundreds to ten. Majority businesses have shut down but meanwhile, many office employees are not facing challenges of working full time remotely.

If we look for e-commerce, we can see how companies are suffering due to Covid-19, but many companies are working from home and getting their profits high. With Covid-19, we saw that there was an increase between 20 to 30 per cent for e-commerce. The connections with the customers getting strong day by day and the conversations with the customers have changed now.

Anticipating the biggest changes for e-commerce in future

The biggest change that these businesses have examined reveals that there is significant demand from clients to deliver services on time. It is seen that there is a considerable rise in subscription delivery service with the clients which drives repeat traffic ultimately to their website. This is because of the consumer spending money on delivery service. This is one of the effective ways to drive conversion and traffic. Consumers used to purchase expensive products in Covid-19 times also just because they think they are getting at less price. Hence, all of the organizations are going through a bit of a roller coaster.

            As in future, the majority of companies will work online and make their employees satisfied. Covid-19 has been negative and positive for many businesses as marketing has been stopped but still, steady growth can be seen. Millions of customers are changing their attitude or behaviour at the same time to opt for saving and convenience as well as put considerable strain on online retailers and e-commerce today.


            In the end, the Covid-19 pandemic has made it quite clear that e-commerce can be an important solution or tool for the consumers in times of crisis. This is also an economic driver which include small businesses too. The pandemic has highlighted the digital technologies importance generally as well as vulnerabilities all around the world. Some of the questions that these Covid-19 crisis raise include:

  • Should practical e-commerce solutions enable the secure border movement of the services and goods that help recover economy and job creation after the Covid-19 pandemic?
  • What can digital technology organizations do to help e-commerce develop and how these IT companies promote economies that are resilient to possible future shocks or crisis?
  • How digital technologies completely change their behaviour towards their customers for years to come?

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