Benefits of web-based applications during Covid-19 outbreak

The Covid-19 outbreak has paralyzed economic and social activities. Governments have urged residents to practice social distancing. The rules for social distancing have made most owners worry about the reduction in profits and revenues due to the lack of productivity. I have talked to my friend about the benefits that web-based applications might have due to the Covid-19 outbreak. Many companies have been benefited from the Covid-19 outbreak but many others have been suffering from the Covid-19 outbreak.

Friend: So how are you finding your job during Covid-19 outbreak?

I: my company is dealing with the low conversion rates but also managing the leads and customers which has become a lot easier now

Friend: Don’t you think your company has suffered a lot due to the Covid-19 outbreak?

I: No, I think my company has found some ways to communicate with employees while handling their work professionally

Friend: Do you think your company has been benefitted due to Covid-19 outbreak?

I: Yes, I guess financial transactions can be done anywhere and anytime because for majority people financial transactions can be risky to the health since going to the public places can put people at risk for the Covid-19 transmission.

Friend: Do you think your company has enhanced productivity in employees during Covid-19 outbreak?

I: I think my company has enhanced the employee productivity by using the web-based timesheet tracking app which can be useful to make sure that workers keep functioning productively.

Friend: Is there any way that the company is improving data security during Covid-19 outbreak?

I: Yes, my organization have security concerns when it comes to web-based solutions. The fact is that web-based servers have better performance as compared to the local servers or desktop specifically when they have multiple users.

Friend: Oh, it is great to hear! Well, I think your company might not have automatic software update right?

I: No no, they have web-based applications instead of forcing the IT department to perform the manual business-wide update. I think this saves valuable time and money spent on the consultation.

Friend: I think your company have remote and instant access to the business procedures associated with the web-based system.

I: Yes, they have good data-driven decision making where we can make the wiser decision based on the generated information.

Friend: I think you are comfortable in working with them.
I: yes I am, since they take care of everything and even in this pandemic they have managed all of the things very professionally.

Friend: It is really good to hear about it!

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