Ways to make working from home productive and fun

Everyone is different but there are some guidelines to create a focused work environment at home. Technology can make this possible for you. Here are some of the few tricks, tips and hacks that will make working from home easier and a lot more fun during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Try the different app for meetings

Majority workplaces use Slack for communication but the software does much more. You need to try different apps for meetings like Zoom. Trying different apps will make you feel productive and you will be able to give your time to the employer.

Set your goals and reward yourself

When you work from home, you don’t usually have a proper schedule throughout the day. If you generate your rewards and goals for yourself such as treating yourself a snack, finishing a certain number of projects before half day or anything you would like to add will help you get motivation. Rewarding yourself just as small as you could do can also make your work productive and fun.

Find time for movement

Being cooped up in your home throughout the day can make you feel sluggish. Make sure you stand up after every few hours and take a little walk, drink some water and stretch yourself. Get that blood flow back to your brain.

Talk with family and friends throughout the day

Although chatting through online communication or Slack is quite helpful but it is much more significant for your mind to talk to the people living around you. Make yourself available for the people who care about you. Work will be there tomorrow too. You just need to take some time out for your loved ones also.

Set a hard out

While working from home, people find themselves working on miscellaneous things. It is quite easy to go back to the projects and think about the things you might not want to know. In this time, you should be resting. Set a time and stop working officially and just hang out with friends or family. There is no need to spend every hour of the day while sitting on the computer.

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