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Customer retention tools for your website

Customer retention tools

Isn’t this something that focused by organizations nowadays? Well, the companies and their sales teams have forbidden customer retention in pursuit of paying attention to bring new customers. Customer retention is quite helpful in both ways i.e. reducing costs and enhancing revenue. Yes, you heard it right. This keeps the customers coming back which help […]

Ways to help protect from Phishing attacks

A kind of cyber-attack which is used to steak the data including credit card numbers, log-in credentials etc. from the users is basically known as phishing attacks. It happens when trusted entity as an attacker dupes a user to open an email, text messages or instant message. The attack can have devastating outcomes such as […]

Surprising health benefits of warm water

health benefits of warm water

A glass of warm water every morning would be a breeze in reducing your weight. The idea is too good to be true, drinking warm water before meals help you eat less and ensures weight loss. Proving that water is always a great ally of our wellness, hot ingest also brings a lot of benefits […]

Reasons why encouraging fitness is beneficial in the office

Reasons why encouraging fitness is beneficial in the office

It is a fact that the hiring process isn’t easy but retaining employees is a different story for any business. There is a small percentage of workers who have unexceptional talent and are willing to contribute to the organization. Reduce absenteeism The very first reason why owner urges fitness in the business is that it […]